About us

Our story

This is how it all started. With Norwegian, award winning fisherman Asgeir Alvestad, who
spent more than 20.000 hours with a rod in his hand before the age of twenty.

His expertise and knowledge inspired us to make fishing easier.
We began by picking the brains of the best. Making it into an intuitive and helpful app, a fishing guide fitting into your pocket, to bring to your next fishing adventure.

We launched under the name of Fiskher in Norway in 2020, Denmark and Sweden (2021) and Germany

The app rapidly became a success and was quickly toplisted in AppStore and Google play.

Just after a few months, it had already been downloaded 100.000 times. With the organic expansion to new countries, we now have more than half a million active users. Fishbuddy by Fiskher is the most complete fishing guide on the market.

Together with the best anglers in each country we provide you with fishing spots, combining their knowledge with machine learning and satellite data. So far we have pointed out 100.000+ fishing areas for more than 25 species in Scandinavia and Germany, and we are continuously
releasing in new countries.

Our vision

Fishbuddy by Fiskher aims to be both the natural choice for worldwide recreational fishing,
and the preferred source of information on fish life for sustainable governance. Simply by taking a photo of their catch, our users contribute to collecting data important to the authorities for sustainable control and development of marine life along the coast lines.

We use Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to monitor catches, and to report large amounts of data from wherever the app is being used. This big data can be used to track and sustainably govern the fish species, and provide a crucial role in the protection of the life below sea.

Our team

Executive team

Trond Are Gjone

Founder, CEO and chairman

Asgeir Alvestad

Co-founder, board member

Trond Svandal

Head of development

Tommy Egra

Head of fishing department

Jeanett Brudeseth

Angler and consultant

Kristoffer Broen Berg

Digital marketing and analysis

Team Germany

Daniel Lutze

Fredrik Harbot

Gunnar Klingelhof

Marc Ptacovsky

Max Guder

Peter Hampe

Felix Wagenstaller

Steffen Schulz

Tobias Hilbert

Tante Kerstin

Willy Hartz

Sebastian Smith

Team Netherlands

Sean Wit

Swenn Middeljans

Frans Van Der Putte

Max Guder

Toon Van Ham

Felix Wagenstaller

Nick Beuvink

Sophie Maxime Neitzel

Team Sweden

Bo Nettelbladt

Cecilia Grönberg

Hannes Bengtsson

Jørgen Larsson

Markus Lundgren

Pelle Kippinge

Robert Westin

Sean Wit

Team Denmark

Lars Juel Hansen

Henrik Breinholdt

Frank Sjøgreen

Flemming Sønderskov

Christian Hjort Hye

Bettina Jørgensen

Advisory board

Trond Sjursen


Ståle Granrud

Lawyer, investor

Rotem Shneor

Advisor, Full professor of entrepreneurship

Morten Knutsen

Advisor, founder Axaz

Merete Haugå

Brand management