About the app

The ultimate tool

Fishbuddy is the ultimate tool for every angler, from amateur to professional.

Since launching under the name Fiskher in 2020, more than 650 000 users have downloaded the app that tells you what to catch where and how.

Fishbuddy by Fiskher will provide expert advice from the best anglers in each country where the app is launched. So far in Scandinavia, Germany and in the Netherlands, but still aiming for new territories.

With Fishbuddy by Fiskher you get access to:

Numerous map layers showing you the best fishing spots for a variety of species, included *protection zones.

Included features like:

  • More than 130 000 fishing spots in 5 countries, handpicked by the best anglers/fishermen
  • Fishbuddy advanced depth & remote sensing contour
  • Amazing 3D view opportunity
  • Cutting-edge AR/AI measuring and recognition tool
  • 32 of the most popular fish species
  • Information about the fish in more than 50 000
    fishing lakes (from open data sources)
  • «Spots», AI-generated spots in fresh water based on knowledge and satellite data
  • Catch journal
  • Social features 

We continuously include new fishing spots, species and functions.

Free version


* protection zones is provided when digital information is open/available. Note: this might not be complete.

Salt water

Fresh water

Premium version



Information about fish and flies in rivers and lakes.

Salt water

Fresh water

Download Fishbuddy for free today and get started. With
fishbuddy premium, you get access to all our species, all fishing
spots, remote sensing contour maps and hidden gems.

Our original app, Fiskher, provides some of the same features,
and will continue to work alongside Fishbuddy for a while.

The two apps don’t communicate, so you’ll need to create a new account on Fishbuddy.